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More About Al's Fireworks

Al’s Fireworks is located in Muskegon and is West Michigan’s best firework store. We are a locally family owned business and we have the largest variety of fireworks with the best no gimmick prices along the lakeshore. Another positive about our store is that we are open all year long and are here to help you celebrate that birthday, wedding, anniversary or gender reveal in a spectacular way.

A little bit about our products. Yes we have snakes and sparklers, fountains and roman candles, cakes and artillery shells. We also carry over 15 different brands of fireworks. Now we don’t carry a full line of one single brand and the reason is simple. Some brands have the best firecrackers while another brand is more known for its artillery shells and a third brand might have the best rockets. Because of this we try and choose the best of the best brands. Some of the brands we carry are Dominator, Mad OX, Brothers, World Class, Winda, Legend, Shogun, Raccoon, Fisherman and Pyro Demon.

Not sure what to buy? Stop in the store or feel free to give us a call. Al has been doing firework shows for many years and would love to share his passion with you!! From choosing the right product to the proper layout to make your show an unforgettable event, Al is here to help you light up the sky. He is very familiar with all the products we carry, not only are each of our items hand picked but he has used almost every item in his shows.

For all you firework needs you can send us an email, give us a call or stop by the store and we'll always be happy to share our passion and love for fireworks with you.

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